Top 3 Cell Phones of 2017

It never fails, a new cellphone comes out almost every month. And with each new cell phone that hits the market, the features get better and better. Smartphones are exactly what they claim to be — extremely smart. Sometimes, it even seems that our phones know us better than we know ourselves. With so many phones coming out on the market these days, it can be a bit difficult keeping up with the best ones. Let’s take a quick look at the best ones to hit the shelves in 2017.

The OnePlus 5

You may not have heard of this phone, but the OnePlus 5 is one of the best phones in 2017. It provides users with a first-class smartphone experience and costs several hundred dollars less than its name-brand counterparts. Running on Android software, this phone has established for itself top-notch word-of-mouth recommendations. Its fast-charging battery has the capability to power the phone for up to 18 hours.

Image via OnePlus

Samsung Galaxy S8

This phone is simply beautiful. The Galaxy S8 features curved sides and fits nicely into the user’s palm. It has a massive 5.8-inch screen and the screen color is absolutely amazing. Want an even bigger screen? Then don’t forget to check out the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus or the Galaxy Note 8. Both of these phones are perfect for running a ton of apps at the same time, allowing you to surf Facebook, check work emails, and download music simultaneously.

Image via Samsung

Apple iPhone X

If you’re an Apple lover, then the iPhone X is your go-to smartphone for 2017. There’s only one downside to this phone — it doesn’t hit the shelves until November 3, but if you hold out and wait, you are sure to be impressed and your expectations are sure to be exceeded. This phone has a 5.8-inch screen size like the Galaxy S8, which is a big deal for Apple because it has never had a phone with a screen this large. It also comes with a Face ID scanner, optical image stabilization along with a wireless charging capability.

Image via Apple

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