Painful Things Women Do In the Name Of Beauty

As young women growing up we would have been taught to look our best, to feel our best, to be THE best! What they didn’t mention was the lengths that some of us would go, and the pains that were to be endured in reaching such goals. Many beauty solutions can be painful, expensive or both and every year many women make the decision execute them, all in the name of beauty.


Dieting is one method that can be used to improve your body image and achieve your body goals. Usually coupled with exercise there are all types of dieting methods which can range from your basic low-carb diet to using the Paleo diet and eating as our hunter gather ancestors. There is usually a component of removing or replacing item(s) in your diet which an individual may consider a staple and feel as if they will die without it. Replacement is usually with a much less desirable and tasteless item, which would inevitably lead to removal. Some of these diets can do more harm than good and could inevitably lead to deficiencies and future health issues.

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Comestic Surgery

Elective surgery and any other type of adjustments to the body are also a means of improving your body image. This can range from anything from a nip and tuck to a piercing as they are all forms of alterations to your original body. And as expected the more invasive and risky the more expensive and complicated it is. Getting a piercing would include going to the mall and getting your moral support through your chosen hand holder to get you through the ordeal of getting a piercing in quite an uncomplicated manner. Going under the knife requires a small mortgage and lots of down time for healing and getting back to some level of normalcy in your life, which may not always be possible due to unforeseen complications during the procedure.

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Uncomfortable Fashion

Another method used by women for beauty purposes is by wearing clothing which makes you feel good about yourself. Sexy underwear, underwire bras, body shapers, 6” heels, these all have the makings of a pretty good package. For the wearer unfortunately, they must sacrifice comfort for a smooth silhouette with curves in all the right places to appease either themselves or the people around them. Some of these can lead to long term health issues and cause permanent damage in the long run.

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Hair Styling

Of course, we can’t talk about women and beauty and not mention a women’s crown; her hair! It would have been combed and coiffed first by our mother’s, friends, selves and then hairstylists, making what could at times look like a hot mess, into something that makes us feel anything from presentable to a whole new woman. From extensions, and wigs, to chemical treatments to get our hair into the perfect style to make a woman feel like her best self. For that silky, smooth look or a full head of bouncing curls, the occasional night of sleeping like a geisha to preserve the style…you get the drift. Women will do it in a heartbeat to achieve the look which will make them feel beautiful, at the detriment of future hairline and hear loss and badly damaged hair.

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Hair Removal

Lastly, but by no means least, the one thing every woman must endure; hair removal. No one wants to be compared to Chewbacca, so women undertake a few minutes of discomfort and pain to get a clean finished look. Tweezing, waxing, laser, hair removal cream, plucking, threading, razor, sugaring, are all methods that women use to remove that pesky hair. Places targeted? – eye brows, upper lips, chin area, arm pits, bikini area, legs and toes (yes toes!! If it is unwanted, it must go by all means necessary).

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Women are naturally beautiful creatures, but unfortunately due to social pressures, body shaming and low self-esteem many women are unable to accept and love their natural bodies and go to great lengths to change it to attain their image of choice. This is of course condoned and even encouraged by sayings such as the old adage – “Beauty is pain”.

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