3 Reasons Why Tattoos Are So Addicting

Depending on where you live getting inked can have various meaning to various people. For some it’s a way of showing that you have overcome a milestone, for others it is a memorial to what has been lost. No matter what the reasoning, it is mostly viewed as being artistic and a permanent adornment of the skin.



The level of permanency does not hinder most people as tattoos can be used as a method of expression. It can express how you feel about someone through portraits of a lost loved one or pet. It can be a visual road map to your life and what you have been through to remind yourself of the struggles that would have been encountered.

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Mostly in the case of younger persons tattoos are a way of “sticking it to them”, them persons of authority such as parents or “the system”. It can make you feel as if you are doing something, even if somewhat passive aggressively, to show that you are not with the current regime.

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Feeling Accomplished

Just the thought of getting a tattoo can break persons out in cold sweats at the thought of being stabbed continuously by needles. Persons usually set it as a goal as a way of facing their fears. After the tattoo of choice has been completed, whether there was an element of fear or not there is always a sense of accomplishment that is experienced once the tattoo is completed.

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Whatever the reason for your decision, to make that step and get a tattoo on whatever area you choose of your body, it is always a personal choice and one that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. Unless of course you can’t stand it and elect to have laser tattoo removal.

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