The 5 Love Languages

When you are in love there are numerous ways that you can show that person how you feel. There are five ways through which love can be expressed: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. These can be a guide to ensuring that you are expressing your love in a way that is beneficial to your partner and vice versa.

Words of Affirmation

Through the use of words, you are able to build up and validate your significant other through positive communication. By openly praising and complimenting the other person, he/she is able to feel your love through these small verbal gestures and feel appreciated and loved.

Acts of Service

In the case of the well-known saying “actions speak louder than words” this holds true to this particular love language. By doing acts of service, you are able to impress upon an individual how important the other person means to you. Every action is valued and seen as further confirmation that the person does in fact speak your particular love language.

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Receiving Gifts

Shopping sprees, expensive gifts and Spa days are just a few of the ways in which persons who take receiving gifts as the way in which persons express their feelings towards them. There are extremes in this case as some persons require extravagant gifts while others prefer gifts of a more subtle nature to express their innermost feelings.

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Quality Time

Time spent with your love interest can go a long way in confirming and affirming that that person is important enough to be allotted copious amounts of time as is allowable to be in each other’s presence. Every second is precious as you strive to maximize your time together through joint activities and interactions to prolong time spent in an effort to express this particular love language.

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Physical Touch

Holding hands and random public displays of affection are all methods through which physical touch plays a part. For some just the thought is cringe worthy, but if this is your partner’s love language of choice it is important that it be a part of the landscape of your relationship.

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It is important to know and understand the love languages that appeal to your significant other and the importance it holds to them as this could be the difference between a short fling and a long, happy and healthy relationship.

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