Spin’s New E-bike

If you are in the Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington areas by now you should have seen some orange coloured bikes around your city or your school. These bikes are Spin bikes and have nothing to do with the bikes in classes that people take and exercise with. Spin is a stationless bike sharing company which is offering an alternative form of mobility that is environmentally friendly as well as cost-effective.

When using the bike, you are able to rent the bike for a nominal fee per hour, and go to any location of your choosing. Anyone can use any bike once it is not being used and they have downloaded the app for the purposes of scanning. As all the bikes are outfitted with GPS, the app helps to unlock the bike with a QR code. Once you have completed using the bike you can park it anywhere once it is in a responsible location.

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Recently, Spin has added a fleet of electric bikes to its fleet, meaning there is less pedaling and more travelling as the new mechanism is one which will be an assisted pedal. The bike can travel up to 50 miles-per-hour with a fully charged battery, and if needed can be changed by any of the members of the operations team. The ultimate buy-in is that they work in conjunction with local authorities and employs people from the local community to spear head the operations.

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