Useful Commands for “OK Google”

If you have an android phone or tablet, then by now you should be familiar with the Google assistant or “OK Google” feature. This feature allows you to verbally interact with your phone and make commands are ask questions so that you won’t have to physically pick up the phone yourself. This functionality does have its limitations however there are a few useful commands for “OK Google” to assist with.


If you have an important interview in the morning, or you want to wake up early to start your new workout regime you can set your alarm with the help of “OK Google”. If you are like me and only remember after you are already in bed and feel a bit lazy to pick the phone up just say “OK Google” and set the alarm for whatever time you choose.

Hands-free option

Driving and using your mobile is never encouraged and can often times lead to fines as you would be distracted from your primary responsibility of driving. If you want to call or text someone while driving you can safely do so by using “OK Google” to direct your call and text as specified. This can be further assisted as most cars are able to link with your phone and enhance your hands-free experience.

Use other apps

The Google assistant also works with other apps within your phone so you can instruct it to use specific ones. For example you can instruct it to use Shazam to find out about the song you are listening to, update your status on Facebook and Twitter, or upload a picture to Instagram or Snapchat.

Find a Location

When heading out to an unknown location or if you are in a new area and looking for a form of entertainment, the Google assistant can give you directions and estimated times to reach your final destination. It offers multiple routes as well to get you there the fastest way possible depending on your mode of transport.

All in all, Google assistant is a step in the right direction as to how bright the future is regarding voice activated assistants in daily life and how useful they can be in every aspect of life.

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