3 Tips When Making Glazed Cakes

What is smooth and shiny like a mirror but is edible? You probably didn’t guess that I meant mirror glazed cakes, also called shiny cakes. These cakes are all the rave as this is a different type of finish coming away from the traditional fondant where it is basically rolled onto the cake. When making the glaze the ingredients are simply gelatin, water, glucose, sugar, condensed milk and white chocolate and food coloring. The food coloring of your choice gives the glaze its color to make your cake stand out beautifully. When these are combined they are able to make the smooth shiny finish associated with the glaze. Although it is a fairly simple recipe there are a few tips that can make sure your glaze it at its best.


Temperature is very important when making the glaze, a few degrees to hot and you are in for a warm liquid mess, and if it is too cold it will be too stiff to pour and manipulate. When making the glaze, ensure to have a thermometer handy so that you can monitor the temperature. The best temperature for the glaze was found to range between 28°C – 34°C, and would be dependent on how hot and humid your location is for the best pour.

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Blending is another major key as you blend the ingredient together to get the finish as smooth and glossy as possible. Having a good hand blender during the process to be used throughout will definitely make a difference in how the glaze looks after being poured.

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There are a few must have tools to ensure that the glaze goes on well. Aside from the thermostat and hand blender mentioned previously, you also need a large palette knife to smoothen the glaze and remove excess. Also, anything to raise the cake from off a flat surface helps to ensure the glaze can go beyond the edges and go slightly under the cake as well. This also helps with clean up as well as it can get quite a bit messy after you have poured the glaze.

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Shiny cakes can look cool and is a fairly recent method of icing your for you dessert lovers. There are quite a few recipes that can be found online so that you can try making the glaze, but do ensure to use these tips for best results.

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