3 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Room

With rent on the rise, and square footage becoming more expensive and scarce, persons have to find unique ways to utilize the spaces that they do have. Living in a small space can be quite the challenge but working within certain guidelines can make the experience much better and the room more appealing.

Paint Choice

Painting a room can be the factor which changes the whole ambience of a room. Unpainted walls will make the room dark and feel really small. When painting use warm colors, such as reds, yellows, oranges, beige, creamy colours and off-whites are all colors which can make a room inviting. On the flip side, cool colours such as blues, grays and whites offer feelings of calm and help you to focus. Depending on the tone and function of the room can best determine the type of colour to use according to the room.

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Furniture Choice

Most rooms will contain some type of furniture, but with smaller rooms furniture choice is very important so as not to make the room feel congested. Also, if it clashed with the walls it won’t ever look quite right so that you are able to fully enjoy the space. Furnishings shouldn’t be too bulky and should have more than one use. Mobility and the ability to be made smaller is also a good characteristic when choosing furnishings for a small space. An example of this is a Murphy bed, which can be put away and a fold out desk can be housed on the underside for more space in the day time.

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Maximizing the space in a small room means finding to use the space assigned creatively, however the unassigned space should also be utilized as well. From your wall to your ceiling can be considered untapped square footage although limited in quantity has unlimited potential in being utilized to create additional space. Items mounted on the wall such as floating book cases, and extra storage or display spaces can help create some much needed additional space. The mount does not have to be high up on the wall either, lower mounts can create addition spaces for shoes and heavier stored items.

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These three guidelines are paramount when finding ways to be strategic about getting the most out of your square footage to maximizing your small space.

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