New DIY Fad: Glitter Paint

Young girls have always been socialized as creatures who love pink and anything that glitters. This was extended to their clothing and accessories in sometimes overwhelming amounts. This need for the glitz would have been encouraged by toys such as bedazzlers which allowed you to gem-up any surface and fasten multicolored rhinestones and gems to any surface.

Fast forward to your present day as women, where your appreciation for things that shine have changed yet still remain the same. Plastic gems have been replaced by diamonds and other expensive types of jewelry. Some ladies do want to continue in this vein by keeping their surroundings glittery without the risk of being gaudy and bedazzling an entire room.

Glitter Paint Wall
Image via Photho

With the inventions of glittery clothes, shoes, makeup and nail polish add to the list of glittery items paint. The paint is available in numerous colors and adheres to most surfaces. Some types even are washable and can be used for arts and crafts for kids.

Glitter Polish
Image via Wikimedia

Glitter Paint
Image via Dickblick

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