Bright (2017) Review

Will Smith fans would have been keen to see his debut in the Netflix original film Bright. This fantasy, action and adventure, action thriller had persons waiting with baited breath for its release in December 2017. The original idea of a time where humans and other species like orcs and fairies co-existed despite years of fighting and an underlying of expected tension. Full of action, this was quite the tongue wager for the most unexpected reasons.

With a budget of 90 million, the movie had quite the buildup and within three days of being released had an average of 11 million views put could possibly be an inaccurate figure as this number was only associated with persons who watched it on television and did not include viewers who would have streamed on other devices. The film was trending for quite some time but not for the reason you would think; film critics dubbed it as the worst film EVER! For some reason, they liked the idea but not the execution of the film. Viewers had a different perspective as after watching the film they took to their various social media accounts and supported the movie with all its apparent flaws.

Image via Netflix

The story line has real life undertones as there are references to stereotypes and racism with displays of classism and discrimination interwoven into the plot of the movie. The orcs were likened to the modern day Hispanics and were relegated to menial jobs, while the fairies were pale and were at the top of the food chain. Blacks though present fall somewhere in the middle of the pack but can understand the position of the orcs.

The movie has lots of things going on and had different reviews from different people regarding different aspects of the film. However, the makers of Bright can count this as a win in my book, because in this industry you would rather be trending on bad news than not trending and in no news at all.

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