Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2017

These names are picked by Forbs Magazine to be the most popular Hollywood actors of 2017.

20. Will Smith

Image via CoolBoxers

19. Robert Pattinson

Image via USANEWSS

18. Zac Efron

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17. Johny Depp

Image via PopSugar

16. Kevin Hart

Image via BET Press

15. Christian Bale

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14. Ben Affleck

Image via Capes on Films

13. Brad Pitt

Image via News Locker

12. Robert Downey, Jr

Image via Wallpaper Pulse
Robert Downey Jr.

11. Mark Wahlberg

Image via HD Wallpapers 360

10. Jerry Seinfeld

Image via Tablet Mag

9. Chris Hemsworth

Image via Sigma Press

8. Tom Hanks

Image via Topsy

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

Image via TKM

6. Tom Cruise

Image via GuoGuiyan

5. Adam Sandler

Image via Just Jared

4. Bradley Cooper

Image via TKM

3. Matt Damon

Image via InColors

2. Jackie Chan

Image via Touch

1. Dwayne Johnson

Image via CoolBoxers

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