Homemade Potato Chips

Cooking means different things to different cultures, and finished products can be available between 15 minutes to a few hours depending on prep time and the number of people being catered to. At the end of it all cooking is used for nourishment and sometimes we need a quick fix to get the job done. Cooking hacks are always useful to know to make your meal more interesting and sometimes even shorten prep time. Let’s check out some easy to make snacks in the most unlikely ways.

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The beauty about this is that you can use any type of potatoes with this easy to make snack. What you do is the first use a sharp knife and cut the potatoes as thinly as possible, you can leave the skin on if you want. Next you place the slices in cold water for a few minutes to get rid of the starch and also make them nice and crispy. After moving them from the water you need to dry them off on both sides. After drying lay the slices on a plate on parchment paper while allowing some space as they could stick together. Next brush on an oil of your choosing on both sides of the sliced potato and once this is done pop them into the microwave.

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While microwaving, the length of time will vary according to the wattage of your particular microwave, but you can microwave until you see the slices turn a golden brown color. Once completed, flip them over on the other side and microwave until slices are even more golden brown. You can add salt either before or after the chips are completed to flavor your home made goodies. And if you want to get really fancy you can add flavor by mixing herbs and spices in a separate bowl and sprinkling over your completed chips for your own home made variety. If you can’t manage to eat all at once, you can always store in an air tight container and the chips can lasts up to 4 days on the crispiness meter.

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