5 World’s Richest Tech Companies That Started With Small Money

The world’s richest tech companies started somewhere. Most of them are now worth Billions of dollars, yet they were launched and conceptualized in living rooms, relative’s homes and makeshifts. Some of these tech companies began in coffee shops, dorm rooms, where young tech geeks made use of caffeine and the campuses’ free Wi-Fi. The tech world has some interesting founding stories, here are some of the best of these startups.


Everyone knows the story of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple that he began in early 1976.The first Apple prototype was developed in a garage, which was later developed to fifty computers for commercial use. From these humble days, Apple has grown to revolutionize the computing industry with the latest cutting edge technology. Apple is one of the market leaders in the tech world in the world. Apple has personalized computing with cutting edge programs and hardware. It continues to innovate mobile phones, wearables, and personal computers.

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It may come as a surprise, but dell is one of those companies that had humble beginnings. The founder of Dell, Michael Dell began his business at his university dorm at Texas University with about a thousand dollars investment. He later left college to pursue his business venture that took thirty-six months for it to sky rocket and be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Dell is still developing and growing from the famous PCs it has been famous for. The company has expanded in the tech world and offer IT security solutions and cloud computing.

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Hewlett Packard

This is also another garage start-up company. Bill Hewlett started HP, and Dave Packard launched in 1939 with an investment of fewer than five hundred dollars. The garage was used as a manufacturing and a research lab and later outgrew to more space in the nearby locations. It’s today one of the tech leaders in the world. The company today has become a public company, and its former office is now a museum as a reminder of humble beginnings.

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The founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page started this company in the early 1990’s. Google headquarters was finally established in a garage space for less than one thousand a month. In one year the company had peaked and had outgrown the garage space and rented an office in the outskirts of Palo Alto with a few employees.

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Five years ago the founder of Amazon left an investment firm from Wall Street to pursue what he saw as an untapped retail business opportunity. He set up shop in Washington and began developing software. His first business deals were negotiated on cafeteria and also made it to sell his first books. The company released its first IPO later on and is now a market leader in the tech world.

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If you are starting a business with little days, remember you are on track on being a billion dollar company. Any business that has innovative visions is on its way to success, and the results will speak for themselves. Keep pushing, and in a few years, you might have your own empire.

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