6 Handy Features of iOS 11

Apple released its latest major software update for the iPad and iPhone, known as iOS 11. The new software makes a variety of changes, including camera software improvements and augmented reality support for apps and games. But because there are so many new changes, it can be tough to discover some of the software’s coolest features. Let’s explore six handy features of Apple’s iOS 11 software.

1. Control Center

Access the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. To personalize your Control Center, go to the Settings app, tap Control Center, and tap Customize controls. You have the ability to rearrange, remove, and add application links and toggles.

Image via Apple

2. Transfer Settings Across Multiple Devices

If you own multiple Apple devices, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can effortlessly transfer your settings from one iOS 11 device to another iOS 11 device by holding the first device next to the new device.

3. Share WiFi Password with Ease

The days of typing in a friend’s WiFi password are over. iOS 11 makes sharing WiFi passwords easy. Whenever you’re trying to connect to someone else’s network, a pop-up appears on the other person’s device asking for permission to share the WiFi password with you via Bluetooth.

Image via Mactrast

4. Save Storage Space

Keep your device uncluttered by heading to the Settings app. Here, you’ll see information about the various ways you can free up space. With options such as the ability to automatically delete unused apps when you’re low on memory, iOS 11 makes it easy to conserve storage space.

Image via Wccftech

5. Access the One-handed Keyboard

This feature is especially handy if you have an iPhone with a large screen. Tap and hold the emoji key, then select the left-sided or right-sided keyboard, depending on your preference. To return to the original keyboard, tap the chevron on the side of the keyboard.

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6. Official QR Reader Support

With iOS 11, Apple has added native support for reading QR codes via the camera app. You don’t need your third-party QR scanner apps any more, so you can delete them to free up space.

Image via The Mac Observer

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