iPhone X: 3 Reasons You Can’t Wait to Buy this Phone

Technology enthusiasts have something to look forward this season. The greatest, most elegant smartphone is out. For those rolling their eyes by now, you know critics don’t have sound reasoning why they need the new sleek iPhone X. They just do. If you belong to this class, your life means zilch if you don’t use the latest mobile technology in this era. Tech gods rave more about Apple products than any other in the world. Here is why you must also check out the all-new iPhone (ten) with new amazing features.

New Glass Screen Mode for your Face ID

First, you will fall in love with the widescreen on iPhone X. It has a 5.8-inch widescreen with thin glass covering. It’s the first of its kind to utilize an OLED screen, which Apple confirms will make colors utterly pop. This sexy gadget has done away with the home button and introduced a unique, smart face ID to unlock the screen.

Image via Apple

You also get to pay for stuff using your face ID mode. Amazing, right? Apple’s iPhone X is Apple’s sole tech device to only new device to develop a portrait security feature on the front-facing camera, and an optical image stabilization for the rear camera lenses (12-megapixel).

Fanciful Animorphism

The Animojis, the latest creations of animals into emojis use face mapping on the most recent phone from Apple. They appear in full picture mode with the screen and the high-tech camera, on the new iPhone X. The creation here is remarkable. It has ARKit, with the ability to recreate faces into animation with unparalleled accuracy.

Image via Apple

Epic Front Camera

The iPhone X comes with a powerful twin rear camera and an intense-sensing frontage camera. An ISP (Image Signal Processor) from Apple designers significantly improves pixel processing, auto-focus mode, and low lighting.

Image via Apple

It also has an incredible noise silencer. The new Face ID feature allows for picture mode on the front camera. Instagrammers will be floored with this sleek, high-tech quality portrait developer. The iPhone X camera is a winner with Apple technology, the best feature so far for photography die-hards. The lighting is perfect.

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