Top 3 New Travel Accessories for the Road Warrior

Globetrotters, holiday lovers, occasional travelers and casual on-the-go travelers all have one thing in common. Safety and freedom to move any time make the most basic timesavers for avid road warriors. Technology has evolved into every facet of our lives, making functionality a top priority with any item we buy from the market. No matter where you travel, this list of essentials will make your journey convenient and memorable.

Smart Backpack

For light travels, a fully equipped smart backpack provides travelers with a modern mobile phone charging equipment, waterproof protective compartments for all your electronic gadgets including smartphones, laptops, camera, and phone accessories. Additionally, it has the absolute best feature you could ever imagine! SmartSensors that detect battery levels on your devices and controlled temperatures for your AMPL Mobile App.

The device charging system has seven USB ports; it supports three choices of portable smart batteries, and an interior 18.5 battery with 2-3 times recharge capacity on a smartphone. The SmartBatteries supply has separate charging options for smartphones and laptops.

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iPhone Case-Gear

Say bye bye to the strapping wallet and adopt with the new funky iPhone case gear that can hold your phone, credit cards, passport, and medical cards. The safety mode casing protects the most vital documents you need at all times as you traverse through cities and remote towns in Europe or East Asian excursions. The handy iPhone Case Gear was developed to protect your smartphone through rugged terrains and busy streets throughout any journey. It is durable, innovative and light in the hands and pockets.

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Smart Throw and Shoot Camera

There is a not-so-new picture cam technology, a handy throw-and-shoot-camera released into the market last summer. The camera combines high-resolution imaging, computing vision enhancers and GPS and stable, high-resolution image capture to allow users to capture memories without the need to pose.

Users just throw the Lily cam in the air to create a new video. No controls required. The tech camera flies itself to film your experiences in pictures and videos while hovering over your environment. It can also function on water; it floats as you swim away into the pool or the ocean.

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