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Unison League offers a unique mobile MRPG experience. With different classes and many different kinds of equipment, this mobile RPG game leaves players with endless possibilities to customize their own characters to test your character’s ability to face many different monsters in a turn-based fight.
There are five classes:
– Soldiers
– Lancers
– Archers
– Mages
– Clerics
Each class offers different advantages that other classes may not offer. In order to obtain equipment for your in-game character, you must “spawn” them at the cost of Gems. Gems are the in-game currency for Unison League. There are 5 different types of tiers for any piece of equipment. (Normal, Rare, Super Rare, Super Super Rare, and Ultra Rare) Depending on the tier level of a gear, the stats will vary. Overall, this game is an effective time killer and after every update, it has failed to surpass the users’ expectations.

During recent patches, world’s famous MOBA “League of Legends” has released a new honor system in order to reduce the toxicity amongst players. This system is designed to encourage other players to be friendly to other players while in game.

Honoring your allies:
A New voting screen takes center stage after each match, prompting everyone to shout out a teammate for new categories like staying cool or making a great call.

Level System:
Promotion of Honor levels help you track of your efforts as well as a recognition for being a friendly player of League of Legends.

As you level up your Honor Level, you will be awarded with many in game items such as key fragments, loading screen flairs, and other cosmetics such as in game skins for champions.

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