Sea Creatures That Can Outlive You

5. Red Sea Urchins

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Sea urchins are often found living in clumps from five to ten. They have the ability to regenerate lost spines. They have been around for millions of years. They often don’t live more than 30 years but some of the specimens have lived up to 200 years.

4. Bowhead Whales

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Bowhead Whales are known to live more than 200 years and is known to be the longest living mammals. The bowhead whale is the only baleen whale to spend its entire life in the Arctic and sub-Arctic waters. Unfortunately, it is still being hunted by some Alaskan Natives.

3. Tortoise

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Tortoises (Testudinidae) are known to live long. The oldest known tortoise named Adwaita lived for more than 250 years. Adwaita was said to be the pet of a British General Robert Clive.

2. Ocean Quahog

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These animals have exceptional long life. The highest reported age for this animal is 507 years. It is therefore, known as the longest living non-colonial metazoan species. In the year 1868 one specimen, collected alive near Iceland, was 374 years old.

1. Jellyfish

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Also known as the Immortal Jellyfish, this is one unique fish among all the living things. The have the ability to revert back to childhood once the reach Adulthood. They are a potential threat in the future as this method of self-preservation has actually increase their species.

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