3 Best Free Budgeting Apps

With the need to budget rising as people try to manage their expenses, app developers have made a step in the right direction by making it possible to this directly from your phone. These apps assist with things like recording and tracking your monthly expenses, making payments on time and setting reminders.



Wally is a free financial aid, which allows you to track your monies coming in, and going out and gives you perspective on how you are doing financially. It gives a wholistic view to your financial situation and recognizes your financial milestones. Available on both iPhone and android, free is a good price to pay for later financial freedoms.

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Spendee is another app which can be used to assist in money management. Even though not a budgeting app in the true sense, it does allow for you to see where you are spending your money, whether it is cash, debit or credit cards. After the app has tracked all your transactions, you would have a better idea about how you are able to spend less money. The basic features are free, but if you want to use the premium features that option is available starting at $1.99.

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Unsplurge as the name suggests, it helps you to stop splurging and save towards a goal. Whether you are saving to pay off that student loan or saving for that cruise with your friends, this helps you to splurge better. You can log your progress, and get help from the community with various tips and tricks to sticking and achieving your goals. Once you have reached you goal, you can then focus on the next one, managing your splurges, one splurge at a time.

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Saving money was never so easy!

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