6 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Faster Than Ever

From fitness trends to diet overhauls and apps, losing weight has never been easier!

Do you lose a little, then gain it all back? You can break the cycle. Here are some simple diet and lifestyle changes to help you lose weight for good.

Lift Weights to Lose Weight

Lean muscle mass burns calories constantly, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you can eat. Weight lifting can also reverse the diet-related muscle loss, so you’ll lose pounds and reveal an amazing body underneath.

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Add HIIT to Your Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is the best way for time-strapped people to work in some cardio. It’s fun, efficient, and the techniques can be adapted to any of your favorite cardio training, from running to rollerblading.

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Eat Satisfying Foods

To feel satisfied on a lower-calorie diet, eat a mix of slow-digesting fiber, quality protein, and healthy fats. Try meals that include whole grains and legumes, lean meats, and fatty fish. Cook with olive or coconut oil and, for dessert, look for 70% cocoa dark chocolate.

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Stay Hydrated

Water and zero-calorie drinks can help your weight loss in many ways. A glass of H2O before each meal helps you feel satisfied with less. Swap sugarbomb sodas out with seltzer and a slice of orange. If you need a caffeine fix, experiment with tasty tea blends.

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Make Meals Spicy

What can spices do for weight loss? What can’t they do? Naturally sweet cinnamon and nutmeg let you beat sugar cravings. Ginger and cardamom aid digestion and add variety to your baked chicken recipes. Hot peppers can cut hunger signals and increase metabolism.

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Experiment With Apps

Apps like LoseIt, MyFitnessPal, and 8fit make calorie counting and meal planning easy. You can look up calories, log what you eat, and even get personalized shopping lists and recipes within your calorie allowance. Some apps include settings for special diets like ‘vegetarian’ and ‘low-carb.’

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