Top 5 Vacation Spots for Couples

1. Easter Island

Sunsets are usually romantic. But the view becomes more intriguing with the expanse of the Pacific Ocean. It is the right vacation spot for couples who desire to discover the world. The scenery of the sunset over the solitary Moai of Hanga Roa will leave a long lasting impression.

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2. Tenerife

Tenerife is the number one vacation spot, especially for young couples. It has a fantastic scenery, secluded beaches, and party-filled towns. During the vacation, couples can be tucked away in solitude enjoying the cool breeze or walk around sightseeing. At dusk, they can join other holidaymakers and locals to party.

Image via Hello Canary Islands

3. Devon Cottage

Looking for a pocket-friendly place to relax and have fun? The North coast of Devon offers some of the best beaches and surf spots. It is a great place for long and short beach vacations. At night you can tell tales or read novels by the fireplace.

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4. The Kilimanjaro

There are numerous vacation spots in the African Savannah, but the Kilimanjaro offers the greatest Adventure for couples. The slow march of a herd of elephants among the acacia dotted grassland with a white background of the snow-capped peak of the highest point in Africa is always a romantic view.

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5. Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is growing to be a major vacation spot in Mexico. It has beautiful rocky beach sceneries and romantic cliffs. It also the home to some of Mexico’s most captivating Mayan ruins. Couples who want a peaceful vacation will find the less crowded town more welcoming.

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