5 Things Men Should Do To Impress Your Date

Your flashy car and stylish outfit may make an impression in the first 30 seconds, but that will dramatically change as soon as you open your mouth if you don’t do these five things to truly impress your date.

1. Listen More than you Talk

If there is anything the comment section on a website can tell us, it’s that people love to be heard. Try your best to genuinely listen to your date when they talk. Even if it doesn’t work out, they will be impressed by your ability to engage in a conversation.

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2. Ask Questions

Some questions are better left to later dates, but asking questions about your date’s family, job, dreams, hobbies, and background will keep the conversation rolling along without too many awkward pauses. This alone will keep you both comfortable as you spend time together.

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3. Mind Your Manners

Even if you feel like chivalry is dead, manners are not. Remember, “Please” and “Thank you,” stand to greet your date, walk on the sidewalk closest to the road, and allow your date through the door first. These simple gestures leave a lasting and positive impression.

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4. Smile

Research has shown that smiling, makes people more likeable, yet more and more men feel as though they have to “smolder” rather than smile. Stop it. Smiling not only helps you be more attractive, it helps activate the pleasure centers of your brain meaning you both will have a better time.

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5. Follow-Up

It seems like the art of follow-up is dying. If you say you will call or text, call or text. On time. Every time. Not only does this show consideration for your date, it makes you seem honest and reliable – two very attractive but often lost qualities in men today.

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