5 Things Kids Complain About at School

When you send get your kids ready for school every morning, don’t think that the complaints stop once you drop your kids off at the door. Teachers are used to student complaints, and tend to have the skills to redirect students who are negative and complaining.

1. They are Bored

Kids love to run around and play, so when they are asked to sit still and pay attention, boredom can quickly set in. Teachers hear complaints all the time of boredom, and many teachers work hard to keep the curriculum interesting. The use of technology in the classroom can help make things more enjoyable for most students.

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2. The Lunch is Gross

School lunch can be gross, and this is one of the major things most kids complain about at school. If your student is consistently coming home and complaining about lunch, it’s time to start packing a daily lunch for your little one to enjoy.

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3. Recess is Too Short

Kids never want to stop playing, especially when they are having fun with their friends during recess. No matter how long recess is, students are still going to complain. Teachers are used to this common complaint and simply remind students that they’ll have more free time in awhile.

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4. There’s Too Much Homework

With the busy schedules some kids keep, homework can become overwhelming. You might be surprised to learn that kids in early grades are bringing home homework every night. Help your student manage their time by setting aside homework time each day after school and try not to schedule too many activities in their week.

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5. The Other Kids are Mean

Bullying happens in school all the time, but this doesn’t mean that your kid is being bullied because they say other kids are mean. Navigating elementary school isn’t easy and learning how to make friends can take some time. Pay attention to what your kid says, but always remember to hear both sides of the story before you react.

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