Annoying Things That We Girls Hate Happening

Peeing Wetness

When you realize there’s no toilet paper after peeing, and no matter how much you shake your butt trying to shake off the pee, you still get that little-wet patch of residual pee in your underwear.

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The new pair of shoes you got that looks really good on you but gives you blisters for the first couple of wears.

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Hair Ties

Sometimes you just wish you didn’t have to cut that piece of your hair to get ride of the tangled hair tie.

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When you realized you missed patches of unshaved hair on your legs when you are out on a date wearing a cute short dress.

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Don’t you just love the feeling of your thighs rubbing against each other when there’s sweat while you are walking.

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I have never experienced this myself but just thinking about taking a dry tampon out from “there” makes me want to gag.

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Itchy Pubes

The times when your pubes decide to get really itchy, and you really can’t do anything about it because you are in a public space but you just can’t stop thinking about it and scratching it seems so damn right.

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Mascara Fiasco

Accidentally poked your eye with your mascara brush. Your eyes start to water ruining all your makeup. Damn…


When you accidentally tweeze your skin while tweezing your eye brow.

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