5 Gadget Gifts Anyone Will Love

When looking for a good gift idea, a great option would be to provide a tech gadget that could either make them more efficient or provide them with some entertainment. There are five particular tech gadgets that would make a great gift for anyone.

Schlage Sense Dead Bolt

Any gadget lover that also enjoys keeping their home secure will love the Schlage Sense Dead Bolt. This dead bolt can go on any door in your home and can be locked and unlocked using your phone and Bluetooth technology. This technology also allows you to provide people with temporary access to the lock and allows you to lock your doors from anywhere in the world through the phone app.

Image via Madero

Personal Drone

Another fun gadget that many people would love is a personal drone. Drones range considerably in size, cost, and functionality, but can always provide a lot of fun. Many drones today can be controlled with an application on your phone and can provide you with hours of entertainment.

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During the cold winter months using a phone can be a hard process. Most mittens and gloves today do not have the grip to allow effective use of a smartphone screen. The Glovely winter glove has changed this. The glove has a firm fingertip that allows anyone to click, swipe, and touch anywhere on their screen effectively. At the same time, the gloves are very warm and will keep you comfortable in cold conditions.

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Any gadget lover will likely accumulate a lot of different tech items. All of these items, including phones, tablets, laptops, headphones, and smart watches will require being charged on a regular basis. The ChargeHub will allow them to charge all of the devices at once time as it has 7 USB ports built into it.

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Home Automation System

If you are looking to give a great gift, you could also provide a new home automation system. A home automation system can be used to help anyone incorporate smart technology into their lives. This can include improving security system, home utilities, and even connecting home appliances.

Image via My Smart Home

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