What To Eat For Breakfast To Keep You Full Until Lunch Time

Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day. Eating a good and healthy breakfast helps you boost your energy, increase your concentration throughout the day, and maintain your right weight. Here are some breakfast foods that you could keep you full until it’s time for lunch:


Eggs are rich in protein which helps boosts your metabolism and prolong the feeling of being full.


Avocados are rich in fiber which keeps your body’s digestive system run comfortably and make you full longer.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are high in water content that will make you feel full and prevent overeating and snacking.


Rice is rich in carbohydrates and most of the body’s energy come from it. The high intake of energy keeps you fuller for a longer time which reduces unhealthy snacking before the next main meal.


Aside from being on the list of healthy breakfast foods, oats are very good source of soluble fiber that promotes a feeling of fullness.

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