New Research Says Breakfast Isn’t the Most Important Meal

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It used to be that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Eat a big meal to start the day and everything will be okay. Here’s why scientists now say breakfast is not the most important meal of the day, and what it means for your diet.

  • Recent studies found that eating breakfast has no direct impact on weight loss. It really depends on whether you want to eat early in the morning. But neither is lunch, dinner, or snacks.
  • If there are behavioral reasons why you want to eat breakfast, such as it energizes or improves focus, then those are good reasons to have an early meal.
  • Weight loss depends on how many calories you eat, the foods you eat i.e. the ration between proteins, carbs and fats. Add in your exercise tendencies, and that will determine how you look and feel.
  • There is nothing wrong with eating breakfast. You can eat breakfast and be perfectly healthy and use it as part of an effective weight lost plan. But it’s important to remember that if you’re forcing breakfast for it’s supposed weight loss and metabolism benefits, you’re now free to choose if you want an early meal.
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  • While there isn’t anything wrong with eating breakfast, potential downsides do exist. The problem with a traditional breakfast is that it creates a big eating window. That is, the number of hours during the day that you are consuming food.
  • A study shows that a larger eating window was associated with more fat storage and a higher likelihood of health problems such as diabetes and liver disease. The scientists believe that by cutting down how long you have to eat, your body does a better job of metabolizing your fat, glucose, and cholesterol.
  • Because you’re eating for a smaller window of time and starting later in the day, your body is burning more fat. Why? Because you pushed back breakfast, extended your overnight fast (which occurs while you sleep), and became a fat-burning machine.

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