Haunted Cities In The World

5. London, England

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London is deemed to be the one of the most haunted city in the world. It has countless accounts of ghost sightings. One of the most prominent stories known to take place here is the Highgate Vampire. The Highgate Cemetery in London was abandoned in the 1960s. Many Victorian families have been buried here with elaborate gravestones and crypts. Many people have reported the sightings of dark, tall shape with shining red eyes behind the the gates.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague is considered to be the most beautiful city in Europe. With it’s exquisite architecture and a rich history, Prague is also known to be one of the haunted cities worth mentioning in this list. One such famous ghosts known as Mad Barber, is a lost soul condemned to walk the streets at night. He went mad with grief when he lost his wife. He slashed at passersby with his razor and was eventually beaten to death by soldiers. It is said to haunt the streets at night.

3. Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin is another old city known for it’s spooky mysteries and legends. The famous Connolly Station is known to be haunted by a poltergeist. In the crypt of St. Michan’s Church, there are bodies preserved for over 800 years. Coffins are stacked all over the place and visitors have often reported whispers, voices, and cold hands grabbing them.

2. Savannah, Georgia

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Savannah is also called the city built upon its dead. Houses were constructed over mass graves from the Revolutionary war. It’s no surprise that this city has many haunted places. One of such places, The Colonial Park Cemetery, opened in 1750, is said to be a regular site of Voodoo rituals.

1. Paris, France

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The famous underground catacombs are in Paris, which holds the remains of more than six million people. Even the Eiffel Tower which is deemed to be a romantic spot
is said to contain the ghost of a young girl. People have reported seeing her ghostly figure and her laughter. It has many other haunted places such as Rue Chanoinesse, or the town of the infamous Sweeney Todd.

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