How to Trust Again After Being Cheated On?

1. Don’t speak to the cheater.

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Avoid them. Period. Especially when you’re drunk or sad, turn off your phone and don’t ever text or call them. Hearing their voice or seeing their face won’t make you feel better, instead, it will only make things worse and prolong your time to recover.
It’s normal that you see things around which remind you of the good time that you guys spent together. However, never think that they will change and come back to you to make it up to you. If they hurt you once, they will do it again. Throw away all the stuff that related to them, delete their number, unfollow and block them on social media. Trust me, it’s the most important step to learn to trust again.

2. Ask for help

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You don’t have to deal with the whole thing by yourself because it’s tough. Ask for help if needed. You can go to your friends or you can even seek professional help if you need to. Sometimes, it may take just one sentence from someone else to inspire you and make you feel suddenly enlightened. Hang out with your friends. Eat good food with them. Go watch a funny movie with your besties. Your friends will support you and help you see things from an outsider’s perspective so you can keep your self-esteem.

3. Build your self-confidence

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Never feel like you’re the problem. If you start to think that maybe you are not good enough and that you didn’t do well to make them happy, cut it out! The fact that they cheat on you has nothing to do with your character, instead, it has everything to do with theirs. In order for you to learn to trust again, you need to do things that make you feel confident and great. Travel to a different place, work out in the gym, read a new book, go shopping and focus on what makes you happy.

4. Be patient and learn how to make a healthy relationship

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It can take a second to break the trust, but very, very long time to build the trust. Focus on what healthy relationship consist of and finding the person who can offer you those things. Please be patient with yourself. Try to do everything to help you build your trust again, but don’t expect it to happen overnight. Just let nature take its course.

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